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In Transit through Montenegro

After a (due to weather conditions) rather short trip through Croatia, we continued our journey to Montenegro mid of April.

Right after passing the border I felt that this country is different compared to the ones we saw before. Suddenly, the villages and streets were full of live. Lots of people were walking, elderly man in suits were cycling on bikes - even on national roads you met pedestrians.

After being on Montenegrian soil for a few minutes only, I felt that this country offers a different vibe: a more rural, genuine, down-to-earth way of life. Time seemed to go by slower here. The combination of the great hospitality of its people and the breathtaking landscapes made Montenegro to one of our Balkan highlights.

Street photograph made on Highway 4 Montenegro
En Route on Highway 4

Beautiful Landscapes and National Parks

Budva, 04/2023

Grlo Sokolovo, 04/2023

Street Photography Kotor Montegnegro
Kotor, 04/2022

Gear Talk

Cameras: Leica SL & Leica M5

Lenses: Leica Elmarit-R 3.5 35-70mm (with Novoflex adapter)

Voigtländer Nokton 1.4/35mm

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