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About me:

My photographic journey began quite late when my girlfriend Barbara gave me an analogue camera to my 28th birthday. From that day on I didn’t want to spend another day without taking photos.

Having had my focus on finding beauty in everyday scenes out on the streets at first, I did no longer want to wait for the coincidental moments only and stepped into fashion photography.

One year later I quite my job in a management position of an international confectionary company and started my career as free lance photographer.


My street photographs are exhibited in galleries and other places on regular basis. Two of my works were acquired by Stadtmuseum Simeonstift, Trier and belong to their art collection now.

Brands & Clients I worked with so far include: Red Bull Germany, London Fashion Week, SOHUMAN (Madrid), Rue Agthonis (London), Kriebel (Trier), NNI Studio (Trier), FITTASTE, Café Balott, Hochschule Trier.

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